Wildmman Art Gallery

"WIldmman Metal Sculptures"

I started welding and brazing metal about forty years ago. My metal sculpting began in 90's. Since that time I have created several hundred metal pieces...mostly large in size. About the only surviving ones are stainless steel or aluminum. Most of the black steel pieces are no more.

Catch of the Day

"Catch of the Day"

This piece is about 8 feet high. It has an aluminum shark hanging in a galvanized boat frame with wood painted panels.

Mask of Humanity

"Mask of Humanity"

The symbology of humanities downfall. This is stainless steel mounted on a galvanized post with stainless bead work. It is about 10 feet high.

Mask of Humanity

"Mask of Humanity"

Front view

The Bikini Jetski

"The Bikini Jetski"

This piece was inspired by a friend of mine loosing her bikini while crashing on a jetski. It is about 7 feet long and made of aluminum.

The Happy Shark

"The Happy Shark"

The happy shark! He's made of stainless steel and about 7 feet long.



Yeh, it's a pineapple. It's aluminum plate with all aluminum bead work. It stands about 5 feet high.

FIsh Vane

"FIsh Vane"

An 8 foot tall stainless steel fish weather vane. It's mounted with ball bearing races so it swings with the wind.

Pelican Glide

"Pelican Glide"

A stainless steel pelican gliding on the wind. It's about 6 feet tall.

Drop Box

"Drop Box"

This is an aluminum drop box with aluminum bead work. It is 21"x 12".

Drop Box

"Drop Box"

Side View

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