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All About Englewood Florida

I live in Englewood Florida which is located on the southwest coast about 70 miles south of Tampa. Englewood is a small beach town with not much happening most of the year. The snow birds invade the area from October to March which creates alot of traffic, but still, not much happens here. The local Pioneers Days and July 4th celebrations are the "big" events. Cruizin on Dearborn is a hotrod get together the first Saturday of every month. Below are some images from around town.


"Englewood Beach Florida"

Englewood Beach is one of the best beaches in Florida. What makes Englewood Beach so nice is of course the water of the Gulf of Mexico, but what really is the difference between Englewood Beach and other Florida beaches? The difference is the location of restaurants and stores located directly across from the beach. Take a look at the pictures of Englewood Beach and how easily you can walk to everything located across the street.

Dearborn Street Park

"Dearborn Street in Olde Englewood"

Dearborn Street in old Englewood has some of the little towns historic sites. This area of town has a variety of shops, stores, restaurants, and cafes. The towns celebrations such as, Pioneers Days, July 4th, and a huge Halloween event take place here. There are also several large art shows that take place on Dearborn Street. Take a look at Dearborn Street pictures here.

Cruizin on Dearborn Street

"Cruizin on Dearborn Street"

The first Saturday of every month local car enthusiasts get together on Dearborn Street to show their cars. It's a free event for people to come out and see the cars and listen to some music. There are several places to eat and drink along the street. Click"here" or the car image above to see some of the hot rods on Dearborn Street.

Indian Mound Park

"Indian Mound Park"

Indian Mound Park is located a few blocks from the old Dearborn Street area of town. It's a short walk if you are downtown visiting. Take a look at the pictures of Indian Mound Park.

Englewood Bridge and Fishing Pier

"Englewood Big Bridge and Fishing Pier"

The Big Bridge in Englewood joins Manasota Key, Englewood Beach, and Stump Pass State park with the mainland. Next to the bridge is the Englewood Fishing Pier and the old Englewood Baithouse. Click on the links to see pictures of the bridge and fishing pier.

Indian Mound Park

"Stump Pass State Park"

Stump Pass State Park is located on the south end of Manasota Key and offers a mile long "natural" stretch of Florida beach on the Gulf of Mexico on one side. The other side of the peninsula park is Lemon Bay's famous Ski Alley. Take a look at the pictures of Stump Pass State Park.

July 4th on Dearborn Street

"July 4th on Dearborn Street"

The 4th of July on Dearborn Street has live music, street vendors, and water park fun for the kids. Take a look at the pictures of the street activities and the Boca Band playing in Pioneer Park.

Englewood Veterans Memorial Park

"Englewood Veterans Memorial"

The Englewood Veterans Memorial on Dearborn Street was built a few years ago to commemorate veterans. It is located overlooking scenic Lemon Bay.

East Dearborn Street

"Dearborn Street..it's busy!"

Another Saturday afternoon in July on east Dearborn Street in Englewood Florida. It will make ya tired just looking at the picture. It's hard to stay awake even on my wheelchair riding down the sidewalk. The temperature is in the high 90's which may be the reason not too many people are out.

Oxford Drive Englewood Florida

"Oxford Drive"

My street, Oxford drive, in Englewood is just as busy...wow look at the traffic! It is a different story during the winter season when the snow birds are driving the streets. Some of them are highly medicated, nearly blind, deaf, and barely able to see over the steering wheel...they scare the crap out of me when I have to use the road on my wheelchair where there are no sidewalks. I've been hit once and had more than a few close calls.

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