Stump Pass State Park
Englewood Florida

Stump Pass State Park Sign

"Stump Pass State Park Sign"

Stump Pass State Park is located at the south end of Manasota Key in Englewood Florida. It is one of the best beach parks in the state. The extends to the end of the key and is about a mile long "natural" Florida beach along the Gulf of Mexico. The park peninsula has the Gulf on one side and Lemon Bay on the other. "Ski Alley" runs the length of the bay side which is where many boaters hang out on the weekend because it's calm water.
Years ago we would drive down the length of the park in jeeps and camp out under the Austrailian pines that have taken over as the tall growth on the key...not allowed anymore.

Self-Service Drop Box

"Self-Service Drop Box"

The park costs a couple of bucks for parking..I was told I have to pay to ride my wheelchair in as well. You place your money in an envelope and drop it in the box.

Waiting to Park

"Waiting to Park"

During the winter season there is almost always a line waiting for a parking spot. The guy in front of the cart is really nice..he directs the parking line.

Wooden Walkways

"Wooden Walkways"

Several wooden walkways lead from the parking area to the beach on the Gulf of Mexico side of the park.

On the Otherside

"On the Otherside"

There is several hundred feet of sand at the end of the wooden walkways so the beach is not accessible to wheelchairs.

No Life Guard

"No Life Guard"

The park beach has no life guards. The water sometimes has some bad rip currents during rough weather so use good sense.(always swim parallel to the shore if a rip current tries pulling you out to sea)



The park has several fresh water showers to rinse off the salt water when you are done enjoying the beach.

Lemon Bay Side

"Lemon Bay Side"

The parking lot is situated along the Lemon Bay side of the park and has little openings in the Mangrove trees to launch kayaks, canoes, or paddle boards if you have them.

Ski Alley

"Ski Alley"

This is a view of Ski Alley looking south from the dock on Lemon Bay next to the park building.

Lemon Bay

"Lemon Bay"

Another view looking north from the dock on Lemon Bay next to the park building.

The Park building

"Park Building"

The park building has the park office and restrooms.

Restroom Ramp

"Restroom Ramp"

The ramp for the restrooms is steep. The facilities have to be on the second floor due to flooding during storms.

Nature Trail

"Nature Trail"

Next to the park building on the Gulf side is the beginning of the nature trail.

Picnic Table

"Picnic Table"

Next to the park building on the Gulf side is a picnic table.



Next to the park building on the Gulf side is a soda machine...just in case you need some sugar.

Park Shower

"Park Shower"

Next to the park building on the Gulf side is a shower.

Nature Trail Head

"Nature Trail Head"

The nature trail head on the Gulf side is shell sand wondering through the tunnel created by the tree growth.

Ramp Pass Over

"Ramp Pass Over"

The nature trail passes over the composite deck walkway that starts on the bay side of the park.

Trail Head Bay Side

"Trail Head Bay Side"

The nature trail head on the Lemon Bay side is composite decking wondering through the tunnel created by the tree growth.

Deck Walkway

"Deck Walkway"

The deck walk way goes for several hundred yards into the park and exits onto the beach side of park.

Stairs to Nature Trail

"Stairs to Nature Trail"

The stairs toward the end of the deck walkway are steep and lead to the nature trail to the south end of the park.

Nature Deck Walk Way

"Nature Deck Walk Way"

The view of Stump Pass State Park makes a nice walk or chair ride.

More Nature Deck Walk Way

"More Nature Deck Walk Way"

Another view from the walk way deck.

End Deck Ramp

"End Deck Ramp"

The ramp at the end of the walk way deck is a reverse transition that is wide enough for two way traffic.

End Deck Ramp onto the Beach

"End Deck Ramp onto the Beach"

This works well for pulling your cooler on wheels with all your beach supplies for the day.

View from the Top

"View from the Top"

The deck is high enough to get a good view of the beach.

Another View from the Top

"Another View from the Top"

Another view looking toward the south at the Gulf of Mexico

One more View from the Top

"One more View from the Top"

This is looking directly out into the Gulf of Mexico from the top of the deck.

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