Pioneers Days Celebration
Englewood Florida

Pioneers Days has celebrated in Englewood for decades. Once upon a time it was just the locals getting together to enjoy their heritage. Today it is a big community event and draws visitors from around the area. The event is all volunteers which says a great deal about the community spirit involved...hmm, I think I'll volunteer to help this year. I'll try not to set anything on fire!
For those of us who have been here for 5 or 6 generations, we kind of find it it interesting to hear from a "long time" resident of twenty years about the changes in town and "how it was back then".
I suppose the native Americans would think the same about us (if they were still around). My great-grandfather used to have one of Billy Bowlegs sons and some of his hunters stay on the family homestead and jerk beef from his cattle. Several of my great uncles traveled with them across the state to explore. I have always wondered what they thought of my relatives.
I'll post the 2016 Pioneers Days pictures in a few weeks at the beginning of September.

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