Englewood Florida
July 4th Celebration

The annual July 4th Celebration on Dearborn Street takes place with Dearborn Street closed to vehicle traffic from Mango to Green Streets. Vendors selling all types of items and food line the street. Pioneer Park has a tent and band stage setup for live music all afternoon. A water park for the kids provides some relief from the heat.

Water park

"Water Park"

The kids have a great time splashing around in the portable water park.

Dearborn Street Vendors

"Dearborn Street Vendors"

There are five blocks of street vendors.

Old American Iron

"Old American Iron"

Here is a reminder of our American automobile heritage parked on Dearborn Street..even has front flags on the bumper

More of the Street Scenes

"More of the Street Scenes"

The street is full of interesting things.

One More Shot

"One More Shot"

You can get a pretty good idea from the photos what the street looks like on the 4th of July.

The Boca Band

"The Boca Band"

The Boca Band performing at the July 4th Celebration in Pioneer Park.
Sorry I don't know their names..if you do, shoot me an email at Wildmman.com ..wildmman at

Boca Band on Stage

"The Boca Band on Stage"

The Boca Band on stage in the heat of July, but enjoying the day.

Lead Singer and Keyboardist

"Lead Singer and Keyboardist"

Lead singer and keyboard player rockin the tambourine.

Lead Guitar and Bass Player

"Lead Guitar and Bass Player"

The lead guitarist and bass player jammin.

Lead Guitar, Drummer and Bass Player

"Lead Guitar, Drummer and Bass Player"

The lead guitarist, drummer and bass player cranking out a shift. I couldn't get a good shot of the drummer from my wheelchair...sorry dude!

Lead Guitar

"Lead Guitar"

The lead guitar player was tight and clean with the riffs and rhythm.

Bass Player

"Bass Player"

The bass player laying down a line in his Boca Band T-Shirt.



The lead singer of the Boca Band singing with very polished vocals.

Keyboard Player

"Keyboard Player"

The keyboard player was energetic and alive for this daytime gig.

Back Stage with the Boca Band

"Back Stage with the Boca Band"

The portable stage is a nice setup for outdoor gigs.

Boca Band Roadies

"Boca Band Roadies"

The Boca Band mix man and the "roadies" set up on the side of the stage.



These were a couple of women enjoying the show. I ask the one how she got her mother's wheelchair into the park. She said, "It wasn't easy." The ground is either sand and dirt or mulched bark and the wheels of her chair kept getting stuck. They had to come around behind the stage from Green Street because the steep bark covered ground on the Dearborn Street was impossible to get her chair to roll through.
I don't think the sponsors of the events in Englewood or Sarasota county mean to exclude wheelchair users. I believe it's just a lack of knowledge about accessibility. They could rent roll out walkways when they rent the tents, stage, and other things for the events. Unfortunately, it will probably be a lawsuit or someone getting hurt that brings it to their attention. I have to admit that I did not really pay much attention to accessibility issues until I began using a wheelchair myself.

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