Indian Mound Park
Englewood Florida

You guessed it, Indian Mound Park is named for the Indian burial midden in the center of the park. The park is a rustic point of land with no wheelchair access. It has nice views of Lemon Bay and a public boat ramp for everyone to use. It's a great place to bring a coffee or picnic and cast a mid to high tide.

Indian Mound Park Sign

"Indian Mound Park Sign"

The entry sign to the park.

Park Entrance

"Park Entrance"

The park has a wide entrance for boats. It has some paved and some shell road and parking.

Bench in the Shade

"Bench in the Shade"

The only water front bench in the shade.

A Bench on the Point

"A Bench on the Point"

A great view of the bay from the benches along the point of the park.

Indiam Mound

"Indian Mound"

The tree growth covers the Indian middens. The little pavilions have BBQ grills for picnics and cookouts. This where the Pioneers Days cardboard boat race occurs every year. The park is a couple of blocks from the old Dearborn Street area of town.

Parking Lot

"Parking Lot"

There is plenty of parking here. The parking lot is shell/sand and is often in rough shape.

Indian Mound Park Pavilion

"Indian Mound Park Pavilion"

This is the Indian Mound Park Pavilion on the front side of the middens. It can be rented for get togethers or large family gatherings.



The main pavilion has a small restroom and has water available.

Boat Trailer Parking

"Boat Trailer Parking"

There is large parking available for trucks and trailers.

Indian Mound Boat Ramp

"Indian Mound Boat Ramp"

Indian Mound Park has two boat ramps with docks that are in good condition. As with all boat ramps in Florida that I have used, they are slippery so be careful launching your boat.

Dock Benches

"Dock Benches"

Benches are at the end of the launch docks.

Center Launch Dock

"Center Launch Dock"

There is a dock inbetween the launch ramps so depending on the wind, you can board your boat after you get it off the trailer.

View of South Launch Dock

"View of South Launch Dock"

A View of the South Launch Dock

Indian Mound Park Information

"Indian Mound Park Information"

Next to the south ramp is the Indian Mound Park Information sign about the park and a map of Lemon Bay navigation.

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