Big Bridge and Fishing Pier
Englewood Florida

The Big Bridge in Englewood joins the mainland with Manasota Key where Englewood Beach, Stump Pass, and other beaches are located. Next to the Big Bridge is the remainder of the old wooden bridge that has been rebuilt as a fishing pier.
The old Englewood Bait House is at the bottom of the bridge and there are boat and jetski rentals available.
Below are some pictures.

West Side Bridge Entry

"West Side Bridge Entry"

The sidewalks leading to the bridge are wide on both sides of the road. These are nice for walking or bike riding.

Southwest Bridge Sidewalk Entrance

"Southwest Bridge Sidewalk Entrance"

The entrances onto the bridge sidewalk is narrow and so is the sidewalk. It is barely wide enough for two people to pass without rubbing bellies!

Old Bridge Pilings

"Old Bridge Pilings"

The old bridge wood pilings still protrude from the water. Diving from the bridge is prohibited. We used to jump from the center of the bridge into the deep channel, but you probably can't get away with that today.

Bridge looking Southeast

"Bridge looking Southeast"

A view looking to the southeast side of Lemon Bay.

Bridge Gates

"Bridge Gates"

The bridge has gates on all four corners to stop traffic when the draw bridge opens. This keeps car and pedestrian traffic from getting too close.

Bridge Sidewalk

"Bridge Sidewalk"

The concrete sidewalk turns into steel mesh on the draw bridge.

Southwest View From Bridge

"Southwest View From Bridge"

This is the view to the southwest. By boat, this channel leads to Stump Pass and Ski Alley.

View to South

"View to South"

This is what it looks like looking to the south which is the Intercoastal Waterway in the center of Lemon Bay. By boat, this leads to Palm Island and Boca Grande.

A Nice Old Speed Boat

"A Nice Old Speed Boat"

This is a nice old wooden speedboat that had passed under the bridge.

Englewood Fishing Pier

"Englewood Fishing Pier"

The Englewood Fishing Pier shot from the top of the Big Bridge.

Looking East from Englewood Bridge

"Looking East"

The view to the east from the Big Bridge.

Southeast Englewood Bridge Sidewalk Exit

"Southeast Sidewalk Exit"

You can see how narrow the bridge sidewalk is at the exit. The concrete is also uneven so you have to be careful not to trip.

East View Up The Englewood Bridge

"East View Up The Bridge"

There is no bike lane across the bridge so walking your bike on the sidewalk is probably smart when the traffic is heavy. There are a lot of Q-Tips driving during the season!

Englewood Fishing Pier Parking Lot

"Englewood Fishing Pier Parking Lot"

The parking lot for the pier is a shell-sand mix and is usually in rough.

Fishing Pier Entrance

"Fishing Pier Entrance"

This is where you walk onto the pier. Sometimes the ground is in rough shape. The fishing here is usually if your looking to relax, bring a chair and kickback while your bait is drowning.

Fishing Birds

"Fishing Birds"

The pelicans. seagulls, and herons hang around the pier hoping for a hand out. They also like to poop all over the place so watch where you sit.

A Disabled Bird fishing?

"A Disabled Bird?"

Yeh well maybe the bird was taking my spot but that is not really a good place to cast a line. If you are in a chair, go to the end or on the bridge side of the pier to cast...don't waste your time in the "handicap" zone.

Enjoying The Pier in Englewood

"Enjoying The Pier"

These guys were enjoying the day even though not much was biting.

Looking at the Bridge Tender

"Looking at the Bridge Tender"

The end of the fishing pier is close to the center of the bridge. The bridge tender has a little air-conditioned office to sit and operate the draw bridge.

Pelican on a Stump

"Pelican on a Stump"

A friendly little pelican airing out it's wings on one of the old wooden bridge pilings.

Old Englewood Bait House

"Old Englewood Bait House"

This is the Englewood Bait House at the foot of the east side of the bridge. It looks pretty much like it did over 50 years ago. An interesting woman by the name of Minnie Pierson owned the place for many years. She was 4 foot something and tough as nails. She was also highly educated with a great interest in marine life. I liked her a great deal. Her grandchildren own the place today.

Bait House Parking

"Bait House Parking"

You can walk across the street from the pier and get freah and frozen bait and other fishing supplies.

Englewood Bait House Marina

"Bait House Marina"

The Bait House marina area has boat, jet ski, kayaks and other rentals.

Cap't Captain Jacks Fishing Boat

"Cap't Jacks"

Captain Jacks Deep Sea Fishing Boat. You can take an off-shore fishing trip with Cap't Jack and catch some snapper and grouper if you want your own fresh seafood. Go in the Bait House for information.

View Looking Northeast from Big Bridge

"View Looking Northeast from Big Bridge"

Looking across the top of the Bait House from the center of the bridge.

Sailboat on Lemon Bay passing throught the bridge.


A sailboat about to pass under the bridge.

North View from Top of Bridge

"North View from Top of Bridge"

Looking north up Lemon Bay and the Intercoastal Waterway toward Venice Florida.

Draw Bridge Opening

"Draw Bridge Opening"

Here is a series of pictures of what the bridge opening close up looks like. The bridge tender did not see me on my wheelchair and opened the bridge once I was passed the gates. After the bridge began to close, she ran out of the tender's office and ranted at me about being too close. I waited til she was done and calmly said,"You opened the bridge while I was crossing...not me."

The east side begins to raise up first.

"Draw Bridge Opening 1"

The east side begins to raise up first.

Then the west side opens.

"Draw Bridge Opening 2"

Then the west side opens.

the draw bridge open to about 45 degrees.

"Draw Bridge Opening 3"

Both sides of the draw bridge open to about 45 degrees.

the bride opened.

"Draw Bridge Opening 4"

Once the bride opens, the boats can pass through safely.

bridge is fully raised

"Draw Bridge Opening 5"

When the bridge is fully raised, you can see under it to the other side.

View to the Northwest

"View to the Northwest"

This is a view from the bridge to the Northwest side of Lemon Bay.

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