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About Wildmman

Wildmman is a fifth generation Floridian of Sarasota county. He grew up in a commercial fishing family sitting atop the engine box of his grandfather's boat while still in diapers. During the mid 1960's he would fish the 10,000 islands with his father, grandfather, uncles, and brothers for pompano season. It was an exciting time to be a kid on the southern waters of Florida. Going into Everglades City by boat for supplies was like something from a Tarzan movie. The islands seemed endless with fish, turtles, dolphins, sharks, birds, and gators. There was also no shortage of mosquitos when the sun started to set around the mangrove islands either.

Life would change for Wildmman as his family move from Englewood in 1965 to Gainesville, to Jacksonville, to Winter Park, to downtown Orlando, and then to Winter Garden Florida in 1973. He would spend the holidays and summers back in Englewood fishing and boating until 1977. Over the years Wildmman would live in Orlando, the southeast coast of Florida, the northwest coast of Florida, Englewood, Venice, and Colorado. He traveled the country from Florida to New York and out to California driving his Alien Monster truck.

In 2010, he would lose the use of his legs for the third time in 3 years, but this time, he would not regain much use of them again. Even worse, he was left not being able to sit upright for more than a few seconds. A year later he would invent a prone position electric mobility device so he could lie down on his stomach and drive it. That was the beginning of his micro-mobility art carts.

Wildmman was never a person to be bored, so it wasn't possible for him to be immobile or even ride around on something boring. Ya gotta have sound, ya gotta have lights, and ya gotta have something fun to cruise across town or make the rounds.

Why create? What else is there?

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