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If you want your company name or product to be seen in a positive light, then show the public your company is innovative and believes in a sustainable eco-friendly world. Wildmman's creations are more than 90% recycled materials.
We can create anything from micro mobile devices to freight trains. Our ability to merge art, engineering, and high tech electronics, gives us the ability to create things that have never been seen before. Whether you want a mobile advertisement or a convention display that moves your market, Wildmman can create it.
Wildmman micro mobile devices will create a brand name experience at events for your company that the public will not forget. Whether at a convention, race track, sporting event, or a fairground, your company will be seen as the star of the show. Read more...Here

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Wildmman Ridin A Razor

WIldmman Mantaray and Monster Truck

WIldmman LED Sled

Wildmman Hammerang Shark 3
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