Wildmman's Art

Wildmman's New Rolling Art Gallery!

Devolution of Humanity

My 28 years of art consists of stainless steel and aluminum sculptures, aluminum and acrylic paintings, fiberglass art cars, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass furniture. I've also created custom guitars and prone position computer workstations.
The prone position carts / wheelchairs are something I invented to solve my own mobility issues due to spinal cord injury.

After over 8 years with no vehicle, my new Rolling Art Gallery will hit the road to Miami December 6th!! I built custom hand controls for the truck so I could drive in the prone position since I cannot sit upright to drive. My canvas and metal pieces are lit by LED pulsing to music to create a performance art experience. Check out the pics below. The images have no special effcts. The colors are whats reflected from the lighting and artwork. Feel free to come and view the show if you see me parked somewhere...art is meant to be seen...and mine never has been!

The Wheelhouse for my wheelchair
The Gallery from the door view
The Gallery from my driving platform
On the driving platform

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